Valentina Jacks
Valentina Jacks | Art Director



"What is the definition of creativity in 2015?" Advertising Week asked the loaded question to international professional creatives under 30 to create a cover for one of their 2015 summer issues.

In a time of perpetually increasing viral messages, we are always sharing the moment. My life is your life and if it's not documented on Instagram and reshared on Twitter, did it really happen? Glasswork's 3D animator, Tim Bolland, and I came together to decipher current cultural trends and answer this question visually through our creative abilities.

Trends are naturally reoccurring themes, patterns and feelings reimagined to fit in the modern day culture. This year is a resurgence of retro mixed with modern technology. Surrealism is big as the digital world replicates the real world and simultaneously skewed through advances such as 3D animation.

Tim and I decided to collage the motif of "VIRAL" in both definitions of the word (infectious and rapidly spread messages). Exploring the quickly perishable blossom tree garden of the Amsterdam Bos, Tim and I captured nature's beauty with a Canon only to manipulate it heavily in Photoshop it the next day. We recreated the ground out of an undeveloped Polaroid we found on a debaucherous King's Day two weeks before, repainted the blossoms and etched the names of some of the most influential global coorporations into the bark. But that was only the beginning.

In order to portray the idea of old times returning as well as the infectious nature of digital, Tim created a 3D PacMan vomiting digitally evolving ghosts. We wanted the PacMan to sit in the surreal pink scene, causing contrast to the two worlds and creating a visual confusion for the viewer. Logos are transparent and natural as a branded world has become second nature humans and viral messages occupy our lives in 2015.