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5D at Artworks

Last night I was invited to the multidimensional exhibition party, 5D at Artworks in Amsterdam, featuring artists Sober Industries and Telmo & Miel. A 3D white shark swam on the wall as a projector gave it the illusion of color, movement and life. The projections were perfectly aligned with the angular animals, making it mesmerizing and super tripy to look at! Other pieces included a white unicorn, a jaguar and an owl accompanied by and a beautiful and dreamy series by Telmo & Miel called "Out of Our Minds". The exhibit was "a combination between 2D design, 3D geometry and projection mapping. Transforming the office with their distinctive styles the artistic collaboration combines realism, surrealism and abstract art."

The office space was huuuge; a two story place packed with people from the advertising, art and production worlds filling up the bar, courtyard, art rooms and dance floor. Still being new to this creative village, I saw many new faces and met some interesting individuals including a man who introduced himself as "Amazingly Exciting" in a band called Pigeon Horse Sex Tennis (not joking, here's proof). I also ran into miss Maxine Penney, the ever-amazing Alvaro Sotomayor and hometown homie Luke Purdy. The night was a perfect balance between the Sober Industries pieces and the not-so-sober free Jameson and ginger ale cocktails flowing at the bar. 

I'm not sure if it was the projected art, vibe of the energetic creative community or the Jameson, but last night was beautifully surreal.

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